Best Breakfasts

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Good morning, taste buds! Here’s how to jumpstart your day with some rise-and-shine goodness.

| By Lisa McComsey |

Many people say breakfast is their favorite meal of the day. For me? Not so much. I’m a dinner gal.

But the adage goes, “Eat breakfast like queen, lunch like a princess, and dinner like a pauper.” The idea, of course, is that you bulk up on calories and nutrients early in the day so you don’t stuff yourself (as I often admittedly do) a few hours before bed.

While breakfast isn’t my favorite meal of the day, I’m no breakfast slouch, either. I never miss it (me on an empty stomach = super grouchy), and I love to eat wholesome, flavor-packed meals.

A lot of folks struggle with breakfast—if you can’t have eggs and bacon or a McDonald’s McMuffin, what the heck can you eat? Here are some of my morning favorites:

Go With the Grain

My tried-and-true favorite is oatmeal made with non-dairy milk, drizzled with a little maple syrup, and topped with seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, and/or hemp), nuts (walnuts, pecans, and/or almonds), and fresh fruit, including berries, apples, and peaches. I love the texture, crunch, and mix of this sweet-and-savory combination.

Lately, I’ve been experimenting with other grains that are higher in protein, with delicious results. Try quinoa, amaranth, and teff.

Dessert for Breakfast?

Trick yourself into thinking you’re eating a big, sinful treat with an easy-to-make breakfast parfait. Layer a cup of non-dairy yogurt, a cup of mixed berries, and a quarter cup of low-oil, low-sugar granola into a tall glass. Grab a long spoon and dive in!

While on the topic of yogurt, I want to applaud the non-dairy yogurt gods for finally coming out with some great alternatives. Beware, though—many are loaded with sugar (often north of 16 grams), so please read the ingredient label and go for plain or vanilla unsweetened. You can always add your own sweetness—I use a drizzle of maple syrup.

If Savory is Your Speed …

Sometimes I want a hearty, savory breakfast—and that’s where my tofu scramble comes into the picture. The dish looks like scrambled eggs, and I swear—if I put a plate of it in front of an unsuspecting diner (my husband, for example), he would never know the difference. It has similar texture, color, and perhaps even flavor, since scrambled eggs are pretty flavorless.

Here’s how I make it: Throw whatever veggies into a frying pan—peppers, onions, tomatoes, zucchini, etc.—and sauté till slightly soft. Crumble a half a block of firm tofu into the mixture, season with a couple teaspoons (or to taste) of turmeric, and toss everything together till heated through. Throw in spinach or kale if desired at the end. Serve with hot sauce.

Another easy savory treat is bagels and lox—just substitute regular cream cheese with the non-dairy version or (even more nutritious) use hummus. Slice some tomatoes and onion and top with capers.

Or go even healthier with avocado toast—avocado, onions, tomatoes, and cilantro on a slice of whole-grain toast. Top with salt and pepper. Yum!

For a fancier breakfast or brunch treat, make Amy’s famous Spinach-Mushroom Quiche or Cheesy Grits—both posted on our Seagan Eating site.

Have a good morning, and comment below to let us know how you like to start your day!

Photos of avocado toast by TK.