Does going whole-hog vegan feel too daunting or restrictive? Then a seagan (seafood + vegan) diet could be your golden ticket to delicious, nutritious eating.

It’s how to stray the healthy way: Start with a plant-based foundation and add the “cheat” of fish several times a week for meal variety and a boost of precious omega-3s.

In this first-of-its-kind guidebook, Seagan Eating helps you jumpstart your seagan-eating adventure with:

  • A buying guide to the healthiest, most sustainable seafood
  • A rundown of seafood’s amazing health benefits, which may  help protect against heart disease, certain cancers, high  cholesterol, and more
  • Three weeks’ worth of exciting seagan menus
  • Simple, decadent, oil-free seagan and vegan recipes
  • Must-have kitchen staples, plus recipe hacks to make prep  fast and easy
  • How to navigate today’s confusing food trends, like GMOs,  organic versus non-organic, tricky ingredient labels, and  “superfoods”

Written by the authors of The Vegan Cheat Sheet,  Amy Cramer and Lisa McComsey, Seagan Eating is for those who:

  • Flounder in the “messy middle” as they strive to look and feel  their best but shun a militant, all-or-nothing approach
  • Prefer to make small, incremental changes to their diets rather than drastic overhauls
  • Long to go vegan but prefer to do it in baby steps—they can  ditch the unhealthiest stuff first and use seafood as a bridge to  full-fledged veganhood

Seas the day! Grab a copy of Seagan Eating today—available at your favorite book merchant.